Simplify your team’s
daily operations

Fresto is the all-in-one software solution for efficient, guest-focused restaurants.

The modern solution to empower your restaurant

Fresto's restaurant solution has everything you need to create wonderful guest experiences, make your business run smoothly, and free your team to focus on what they do best.

Our easy solution optimizes your flow around point of sale, online orders, kitchen display system, table booking, event management, gift cards, and customer engagement.

One solution for everything

More systems won’t make your life easier. But having just one will. That’s why we created a complete restaurant solution to be powerful, seamless and easy-to-use.

Every carefully-crafted feature is excellent when used independently, but becomes even more powerful when used as part of our integrated solution.
Point of Sale
Point of Sale
A feature-rich cloud-based Point of Sale that seamlessly connects reservations, orders and inventory.
Digital menu
Digital menu
Provide your customers with a contact-safe, attractive, multilingual menu that reflects your brand and that you can update at any moment.
Online Orders
Online Orders
Free your customers from the need to wait.
They can order and pay online whether they are home, at the office or sitting at your tables.
Table Order
Kitchen Display System
Get rid of tons of paper tickets.
Your kitchen can manage your orders digitally and communicate directly with the waiters.
Use our efficient and easy-to-use booking system.
Manage your online and door waiting list.
Create and manage events.
Digital menu
Customer engagement
Track your customers and offer them a personalized experience. Collect and analyze customer feedback.

“Finally a great tool that does it all”

Boris Buono - Ibiza Food Studio - Ibiza, Spain

Why restaurants
of all kinds turn to Fresto

Focus on the guests
Fresto simplifies your team's essential day-to-day operations, allowing you to keep your high standards and remain on top of the things that are key to success.
Think ahead
We use cutting-edge technology to simplify your work and to give your guests the best experience. Stay ahead of the game with a solution that stands apart from traditional software and looks to the future.
Expand your business
Fresto helps you sell more. Increase your online presence with digital menu, gift cards, event tickets and better communications. Our business model depends on your success, and as a part of that we offer highly competitive pricing so you keep more of your revenue.

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