Modernize your whole business
with one solution

Stay on top of your business with a single modern solution for orders, payments,
and bookings.

Move with the times

Fresto takes your business into the future.

We understand how to take full advantage of technology to keep your business up-to-date with the times. It's our mission to accompany you into the future by always giving you the best solution that technology can offer.

All your tools and data
under one roof

Fresto is designed to solve the common problem that most restaurants face: using a multitude of different digital tools to run their operations.

You have Point of Sale, Online orders, Booking, and that’s before you have to deal with Event management, Gift Cards, Customer engagement and more.

Dealing with multiple systems means purchasing subscriptions, learning how to use them, frequently using separate devices to do so, and experiencing expensive, poor or even impossible data integration between them...

Fresto solves the problem by providing a handful of tools in one easy-to-use solution.

Key features

Fresto is one solution with many modules that you can choose from. Pick the features that work for your business and pay only for them.

Point of Sale

A cloud-based Point of Sale system that seamlessly connects reservations and orders.

Digital menu

Provide your customers with a contact-safe, attractive, multilingual menu that reflects your brand.

Online Orders

Free your customers from the need to wait. Your customers can order and pay online whether they are home, at the office or sitting at your tables.

Kitchen Display System

Manage your online and POS orders on the same platform


Use our efficient and easy-to-use booking system. Manage your online and door waiting list. Create and manage events.

Customer engagement

Track your customers and offer them a personalized experience.

“My business is expanding online”

Søren Terlkelsen - The Van - Copenhagen

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You're ready to move your restaurant into the future. But everyone's way of working is different, so you want a clear picture of how Fresto can help your team on a day-to-day basis. That's great! Our most successful engagements begin with nothing more than a candid conversation.

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