Our passion
at your service

You are passionate about your restaurant and want to take care of your guests.
We want to be part of that.

Why restaurants
of all kinds turn to Fresto

Some of the top reasons include:
Focus on the guests
Fresto simplifies your team's essential day-to-day operations, allowing you to keep your high standards and remain on top of the things that are key to success.
Think ahead
We use cutting-edge technology to simplify your work and to give your guests the best experience. Stay ahead of the game with a solution that stands apart from traditional software and looks to the future.
Expand your business
Fresto helps you sell more. Increase your online presence with digital menu, gift cards, event tickets and better communications. Our business model depends on your success, and as a part of that we offer highly competitive pricing so you keep more of your revenue.
Run it your way
Our solution is modular, so you can choose what works for you, but it's also integrated, so all the parts just work perfectly together. Fine tune your application to match your needs exactly.
Keep it simple
It simpler for you and it's simpler for your customers. Forget about having to manage multiple systems for paying, booking, POS and online orders. Do it all better and easier with Fresto.

“I have more time for my guests”

Marco Bon - Bar Poldo - Copenhagen

Let's talk
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You're ready to move your restaurant into the future. But everyone's way of working is different, so you want a clear picture of how Fresto can help your team on a day-to-day basis. That's great! Our most successful engagements begin with nothing more than a candid conversation.

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