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David Biffani from Mother, a successful restaurant in Copenhagen, talks about how Fresto has helped him by providing all the tools under one umbrella.
David explains how Fresto has improved the entire flow, from taking orders, to cooking, serving and paying, reducing delays and increasing customer satisfaction.
What's more, with Fresto his tips tripled.

The modern solution
to empower your restaurant

Fresto's restaurant solution has everything you need to create wonderful guest experiences, make your business run smoothly, and free your team to focus on what they do best.

Our easy solution optimizes your flow around Point of sale, online orders, the Kitchen Display System, table booking, event management, gift cards, customer engagement, and much more.

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One solution for everything

More systems won't make your life easier. But having just one will. That's why we created a complete restaurant solution that is powerful, seamless and easy-to-use.

Every carefully-crafted feature is excellent when used independently, but becomes even more powerful when used as part of our integrated solution.
Point of Sale
Point of Sale
A feature-rich, cloud-based POS that seamlessly connects reservations, orders, and inventory.
Digital menu
Digital Menu
Provide your customers with a contact-safe, attractive, multilingual menu that reflects your brand and can be updated at any moment.
Online Orders
Online Orders
Free your customers from the need to wait. They can order and pay online whether they are relaxing at home, working at the office, or sitting at your tables.
Kitchen Display System
Kitchen Display System
Get rid of reams of paper tickets. Your kitchen manages orders digitally and communicates directly with the waiters.
Bookings & Events
Bookings & Events
Use our efficient and easy-to-use booking system. Manage your waitlists for customers both online and your door. Create and manage events.
Digital menu
Customer engagement
Build a relationship with your customers and offer them a personalized experience. Collect and analyze customer feedback, offer Gift Cards that work in their phones, and much more.
Keep track of your automatically updated product stock. Receive warning on stock shortage.
Reporting & Analytics
Reporting & Analytics
Generate comprehensive end-of-shift reports. Manage checklists. Analyze your sales in an intuitive dashboard.
Staff planning
Staff planning
Coming soon. We are working on a new module that will manage staff shifts.

“Now I can manage my whole restaurant in one place”

Boris Buono - Ibiza Food Studio - Ibiza, Spain

Streamline Operations, Maximize Success

Unlocking Possibilities for Every Business
Discover the Fresto advantage – a comprehensive suite of modules meticulously designed too meet the unique demands of restaurants and takeaways. Whether you own a cozy café, a wine bar, a casual eatery or an exclusive restaurant, Fresto has the perfect solution for you. Select the modules you need, and pay only for them. Each module is fully customizable, ensuring a seamless fit for your specific requirements.
Prioritize Customer Experience
Inefficient restaurant operations lead to decreased productivity, longer wait times, and dissatisfied customers. At Fresto, we understand how this affects your bottom line and customer loyalty.
Embrace Innovation
At Fresto, we harness cutting-edge technology to simplify your workflow and provide your guests with unparalleled experiences. Step into the future of restaurant management with a solution that stands apart from traditional software, setting new standards for innovation and efficiency
Fuel Your Business Growth
Amplify your revenue streams with Fresto’s array of features. Enhance your online presence through a Digital Menu, Gift Cards, Event Tickets, Guest Feedback, and Mailing List. Our business model depends on your success, and our competitive pricing empowers you to retain more of your hard-earned revenue.
Seamless Simplicity
It’s simpler for you and it’s simpler for your customers. Forget about having to manage multiple systems for payments, reservations, POS, and online orders. Do it all better and easier with Fresto.
Multiple Venue Administration
Owners of multiple venues have centralized acces to their aggregate data for analytics. They can share menus across venues, and compare performances.

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